Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Theme Park and All Its Enchantments

Home; a place where you stay and go to at the end of the day to put up your tired feet. A place where pretensions are unnecessary, where habits are bred and left to infest on its own. A place where a child can run off to, comforted by the fact that the mother will be there waiting for his return. This is just another story. One where happy endings can never be found because life is filled with doubtful miracles and happiness is an unattainable paradise.

The home that I went to when I was young was a theme park. It has an entrance that seems so grand but inviting, full of warmth and surprises to the outsiders. The earlier days were very different. The walls were painted bright white and the plants seem to thrive under all the loving care that the gardener rendered on it. There were crowds and joyful laughter. Games played and stories told. It was an endless array of entertainment from the moment when we open our eyes until the moment when we fall asleep. Each morning we woke up with the smell of scrumptious delicacies in the air feeling excited to begin another new adventure because we know it would be just as special as yesterday, that it would be another happy day. Because this was when the theme park was still new, when the management were on good terms with one another, when they care for the welfare of children, when everyone was excited with its opening.

However, things become old. The kids have grown up a little and they no longer like make-beliefs. The management could not find a point where they can agree with each other anymore. The entrance still looks grand but the interior speaks a different tone. Ghost and monsters are found lurking behind doors and every possible corner. There is no wafting smell of bakery or coffee in the morning. No delicious lunch and dinners cooked with love set on the table, nobody waiting by the door. Everything is impersonal. It is a self-service routine that seems more like a hotel stay. The children, because as much as they have grown they are essentially still children, knew something was wrong with the picture but they could not say it out loud because they fear the consequences. They had to be careful when they speak, had to be careful where they tread because every tiny action could blow up a landmine.

Years gone by and things did not change for the better. The theme park has gone through changes. It is no longer a theme park but a dilapidated, haunted house. The clean, white paint has peeled and replaced with mouldy greens. It used to be filled with joy and gaiety but the gleeful laughter has disappeared and all that is left is just a bleak darkness. The plants are left unattended and the gates are just swinging along with the wind. Everything is rundown and old. Fixing it seems so futile. Why fix it when no one will be returning back anymore? I wish the theme park had never existed. I wish the scenes had been a different one. I wish we have never existed in the beginning. How did it change so rapidly, so drastically? Where did the swing of the pendulum got disrupted?


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