Friday, June 5, 2009

Still Cooking

It's sad to see that I blog an average of one post per month ever since moving my blog to Blogger, when I blogged more frequently before this. Circumstances have changed though and I promise I'll start writing more diligently. Today marks my fifth day here at Kampar. Time seems to move at a slower pace here and there are times when I wished time could just stop for a moment to allow me to absorb all the things that has happened these past few days. My first impression when I got a glimpse of the campus was awed. The campus looked really beautiful. For once I felt like a real university student because the campus looked like a real one unlike the ones in KL. One thing I have to mention though; why are all the buildings grey in colour? It gives off a really glum and serious feeling, which I guess is what the administration is hoping for? The second and forever lingering impression I got is how hot the place seems to be. Is it just the weather here or is this a sign of global warming? I don't think I've ever paid a visit to hell before but this should come pretty close to how it might it's going to be like. There should be close to a few gallons of sweat I've shed ever since arriving here by now. Everyday feels like treading inside an oven with the temperature set on high but I think my body has finally adjusted itself to the temperature. There's more wind blowing now but there's still no rain which is surprising, considering the fact that it's so hot all the water should have evaporated to the sky by now. Where have all the clouds gone to??!! (T,T) I miss the cool feeling of the after effects of rain...


Dorae-ong said...

Hey, long time no see. Abandoning your Friendster blog? Hey, why you are in Kampar? I saw you before in FES, change course? Anyway, all the best for what ever you do.

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