Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crazy Adventure is....

...when you're driving down the road at 100km/h with the windows rolled down and the radio tuned way up!! Anticipating my date with fishes tomorrow...hope the rain won't be making an appearance. Hmm...maybe I should hang the teru teru bozu tonight??

Thursday, July 16, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

Quick post here...Still got lots of things to do...will blog properly few days/weeks later...

I'm sorry...I did not meant it the way you think I did...I try not to judge people purely on hearsay because I know people's views can be prejudiced in some ways. There are countless times however when what I believed to be true is shown to be wrong and what my friends had been telling me were sadly the truth. If what I said before this offended you, all I have to say is I mean no harm. Most of the time I speak what I think but what you heard is not truly what I said. You added words in to exaggerate the point and I don't think what you did is right. If you have something to say about it I think you should take it straight to me and not beat around the bush. I try not to be hurt with what you wrote but when I know it is not all true I cannot help but feel like I have been misjudged. You did not allow me to explain myself and you drop the axe straight away. Is that a fair trial? Is it not "innocent until proven" a law everywhere in the world? Just because it may seem that way to you does not mean it is. Science itself has proven logic may not always be right. Why push all the blame to me?? Either way, it's a case of "he says she says". I don't want to continue on writing...grammatically illiterate when I'm aggravated....If you want to think badly of me, then go ahead...knock yourself out. I don't care anymore...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pronouns are for Kids?

We were learning pronouns for our Structure and Grammar lecture just now. Almost at the end of the lecture we noticed a suspicious looking passage and I thought I might share it with you.

Delia looked out of the window and watched the setting sun. Her children would soon be home and she would have to tell them the awful truth. She wished she could avoid facing her children but the time had come when she could no longer keep her secret to herself. She had to tell her children what the doctor had told her that morning.

We were supposed to put in the correct pronouns in this passage by the way. Anyways, by this time you will think there's nothing wrong in this passage but can't help in feeling sad for the lady because she might have some sort of illness and the poor children will not be able to take care of themselves. But wait! Let's continue on with the passage shall we?

She was seventy years old. (Huh? oh okay, she's an old woman!) She had lived a happy and full life. But now she was facing the unknown. What would her children say? Would they understand? Would they understand her need to share her last few years with the doctor? Would they understand why she wanted to marry him?

Yes, ladies and gentleman. That is the passage. Horrors upon horrors! There are a few uncertainties regarding this passage though. My friends and I had a ball discussing this passage. Who did the proposing? What does it mean when the sentence said "She had to tell her children what the doctor had told her that morning,"? Very weird indeed. Definitely not an exercise for the kids. Mind you, most of the examples in the notes were quite glum and "emo" looking. I can't help wondering what the point was in the exercise. The pronouns are all repetitious in case you haven't noticed. It's all sprinkled with "she" and "her". Was the reason really to let us see the passage? My friend felt the old lady was extremely horny because the age here is well....matured....extremely matured. Like one feet in the grave, that kind of matured. So why did "Miss" Delia wanted to marry again? Because of my friend's thoughts it got me thinking.

Here's a question. Would you get married if you found your loved one, the "One" so to say, when you are seventy? I mean, you have been looking for that one true love for so long and finally you found him/her. Will age be an obstacle when you truly love someone? I guess the argument here would simply the age factor. You're really old by that time. In fact, you could die any moment seeing as that is the average age a person can live until. So I guess most people will think why get married anyway. You can live together and no one is going to care. There is no reason as to why you should want to get married at that age.

But cases like that do happen. There are news about old grandmothers and grandfathers getting married in the newspaper once in a blue moon. I think in the end it kind of depends on what perception we have on the idea of marriage. To some, it is just a piece of certificate to show that they belong to each other until it is annulled but to others it could be a promise. A promise and a symbol that represents their love and affection for each other. Maybe if the person's perception on marriage is the latter one, they would not care what the society have to say about them but to just go ahead and got married instead. I guess news like that are only published here because it is so rare and it might not even show up on foreign newspapers if it had happened there. Or will they? Hmm...either way what do you think? Will you get married if you were to fall in love when you are seventy?

Tokyo's Gem

Noteworthy Blog:

I have a friend who is a major Japanese fan and I am sure he will love this blog. Anyone out there who loves all things Japanese can go have a look too! I'm not being paid to advertise here but I stumbled on it this morning and found the posts interesting...I've put a link under the Blog of Note (it's on the right side, in case you miss it...) so just click on it to jump to the blog... Just wanted to get a word out there anyway...Will blog about more substantiate things later...Still busy!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lesson on Procrastination

I am currently swamped by extreme case of procrastinated work. Tutorial questions, assignments and revision for quizzes. Wait, put that way it doesn't seem too bad. Let me put it in another way. I have two work due on Friday, two long-winded assignments and one quiz due next week. Sprinkle a bit of tutorials here and there and you get a number of panicking students running around pulling their hair. Better stop procrastinating and start moving my engines then...Let this be a lesson to all...Never put off things when you can do it at that moment!