Thursday, July 16, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

Quick post here...Still got lots of things to do...will blog properly few days/weeks later...

I'm sorry...I did not meant it the way you think I did...I try not to judge people purely on hearsay because I know people's views can be prejudiced in some ways. There are countless times however when what I believed to be true is shown to be wrong and what my friends had been telling me were sadly the truth. If what I said before this offended you, all I have to say is I mean no harm. Most of the time I speak what I think but what you heard is not truly what I said. You added words in to exaggerate the point and I don't think what you did is right. If you have something to say about it I think you should take it straight to me and not beat around the bush. I try not to be hurt with what you wrote but when I know it is not all true I cannot help but feel like I have been misjudged. You did not allow me to explain myself and you drop the axe straight away. Is that a fair trial? Is it not "innocent until proven" a law everywhere in the world? Just because it may seem that way to you does not mean it is. Science itself has proven logic may not always be right. Why push all the blame to me?? Either way, it's a case of "he says she says". I don't want to continue on writing...grammatically illiterate when I'm aggravated....If you want to think badly of me, then go ahead...knock yourself out. I don't care anymore...


CherylHew said...

As a silent spectator, I totally agree with you ;P Hope this issue does not ka-ka-cau you too much, it's really just a misunderstanding blown up by skewed viewpoints and the internet.


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