Friday, September 25, 2009

Sweet Smell of Liberty

WTF moment.... words failed me... This just goes to show how important sex education is!!

Was going to talk about some other topics today but since I just finished my last paper I don't really want to talk about such a serious issue to mar my mood. Shelving it for some other time.

So I am now spring up my room before heading back to up my brain....taking it out and scraping off the information I memorised for exams...dum dee dee dah....Life sure is good when you don't have important facts forced to remember just for the purpose of exams...*\\(^O^)//*

Speaking of spring...this is the time when auroras appear. I have never actually seen a real one but it sure is my dream to see it for real instead of a picture taken from some other random dude. In case you have no idea what the heck I am talking about this is a photo of an aurora, the stage lightings of mother nature....

Not my photo...another courtesy of Google search (Google is indeed a wonderful tool for plagiarising!). But I digress...Can you see that?? How breath taking is that? It's not just limited to that palette of colour either...there's shades of blu, yellow, get the picture. Sure reminds you why Earth is such a great place to live in.

So to everyone who has finished their exams and is relishing the idyllic life, enjoy it to the utmost and make sure you don't waste a single moment of it. To the rest who are still going through the finals, good luck and work hard for it. And to someone else who should be busy marking exam sheets and struggling through the crappy handwritings of students like me...good luck with that too. Most probably you will need a truckload of luck....It's okay to curse the said student to the end of Hades but be lenient on the marking okay...*wink wink*

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Worse Case Scenario

I am feeling a wee bit lazy today. I have the last and final paper on Friday and then it will be freedom! However, I'm just too distracted to pay attention to the pile of notes sitting on the table right now. Sigh...Knowing and doing is a totally different thing. I know I need to get my engines moving and start revising properly instead of just glancing through to get "the feel of it" but I am so not doing it.

Wait, I remember! A lecturer once told me if we are not in the right mood for something we need to visualise a worse case scenario so that we will freak out and do the proper thing. (obviously, that is not really what he said, but you get the picture...)

Okay...worse case scenario if I don't start revising....most probably I'll fail the paper, which will pull down my CGPA, which will coincidentally give me a higher chance of failing, which means I might need to repeat the semester...And if I failed again, I'll drop out from school with no proper degree...Then I won't be able to get a good paying job. Mom will most probably kill me for wasting her money and time. Since I won't be getting a job I might just sit there at home and stare into space...

Hey....that doesn't sound so bad. Being able to idle away...Crap....the worse case scenario thing so obviously do not work. So much for prep talk. (-__-") How about if we do a marvellous case scenario instead? So...I study, I get good grades, high CGPA, pass with flying colours, graduate, work, die...see...that doesn't sound so bad. In fact, I think marvellous case scenario works better, Ha! Take that! I'm gonna patent this theory thingy then I'm going to be rich! *evil laughter ensues*

Kay, off to get my engines nicely warm and moving~ *prances about dancing wildly*

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

It's Wednesday and so I thought I might do a fun-post-Wednesday just to beat the conundrum of "emo" posts that I have been blogging about lately. So, I am going to talk about places that I want to visit one day. This places are not countries, they are narrowed down to specific places in certain countries chose simply because it looks fun, interesting or even mind-boggling. It's not the cliched places like Disneyland or whatever although I do want to go there but these places are not that well known so yeah...enjoy!

Our first stop would be in Japan...the infamous Tree House Restaurant!

I must say it is extremely difficult to understand why anyone would want to put up such a monstrosity smack dab in Okinawa. The idea is creative and special, in fact the reason I wanted to go there was simply because of that tree house. I have never been up in a tree house. Which is weird and funny at the same time. I thought most foreigners think Malaysian live up on the tree but I've never been that high up on the tree and I definitely have not tried the experience of hanging out or even living on a tree yet. But it's not a real tree, mind you. Fits the term, don't you think? Concrete jungle...I'm not criticising or anything, in fact I applaud the architect's ingenious method in designing a restaurant. The food is said to be inexpensive too. Bonus plus, there.

Next is the Studio Ghibli Museum

I'm not even sure where to start! The cat bus from Totoro, the giant robot in Laputa, everything Ghibli I must say! I have always loved Studio Ghibli's work. The first show I watched was Totoro and after that I got hooked onto all it's studio productions. The musuem is the brain child of Hayao Miyazaki, the "godfather" of the studio. All of the designs in the museum are his creation! Think of it as the Japanese version of Disneyland, except there's no rides. It's just sketeches and stuff of his work in Ghibli.

Now let's get over to America and see what Uncle Sam has to offer. First , is a market in New York.

Sad to say, I don't remember what the market is called so I can't find the pictures. I remember seeing it on a cooking show in the television when I was a kid and I thought the market looks really cool. It has a wide glass pane on the outside so that people can look inside and it has almost everything sold in it. I love markets, but only the dry ones because I don't want to get my feet wet with fishy water and god knows what so the fact that the market is dry makes it all the more nice. I'm sure the guys won't understand. Maybe it's a girl's thing. It's just interesting to see what people sell in the market besides your normal veggies. Add the fact that it has a cool glass window pane that runs along the indoor market, it would be a crazy day! So if anyone know what this place is called, please let me know.

Then there's the Kansas City Public Library

Yes, I kid you not. This is a building that is designed to look like books stacked on a shelf. I think this might not be considered as not-so-popular place any longer because there has been pictures of this library floating around in the email. But I just want to add it here because I love books and oh, also because the design is just so creative.

All these places just shows that the world is indeed a bedlam of creativity and craziness. Really breaks the conundrum of dull, don't you think? That's four places already and I think I'll stop until here for today. Maybe I'll add some more next time. Need to get back to my revisions now. oh yeah, forgot to mention...the pictures do not belong to me. Googled them and copy-paste. Any infringement of copyrights are not intended.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Friend InDeed

Friends. Really, what are they? Are they just people or instruments you use to pass your meaningless time on this superficial world? Or do you really appreciate them for who they are, for what they have done for you?

I think these days, most of the people join this friend group websites thingy. Friendster, Facebook, you name it. It's all the rage, aren't they? No doubt, it is a good platform to get in contact with your old pals, your new buddies, heck even strangers. But really, how many people or friends out of all the hundreds of contacts you have in there do you really know? Are they truly friends, or are they just there because you want to let people know, "Hey, I have many friends, what about you?".

Everytime I open my Facebook account, I feel guilty when I look at the friend requests. Should I really approve it, because I'm not really sure whether if I have seen you before, or even talk to you before. If I don't, you might say I'm a snob for not doing so but if I do, I will feel bad because I'm not sure if I have seen you before.

All this while I try to make sure I really know the people before I approve the requests simply because I want to be sure but after all that, I realise even with the people I do approve, I don't really know them that well. Yes, they may be acquaintance, people from school, from work, from the university, etc. Yes, I have friends but how many of them are good friends? Best friends, friends that I can call when I'm in trouble? It's sad to know that the person that I have known, my friend all the way back from primary school sidetracks me and think that someone else who isn't even that close to her is a much better friend than I am. Suddenly, I found myself losing my oldest friend because she doesn't think I am her friend. What happened to all those times we spend sitting in class talking to each other, hanging out during recess time, playing and goofing around in class?

I can't say I'm the best friend a person can get but I'm pretty sure I'm not that bad, am I? Yes, I am bad with people's birthdays, I can't even remember my own but I try not to break promises and I am there when you need me. Doesn't that count for something? I guess, that's just not good enough for you. Maybe, I missed a class when they were having a best friend etiquette session.

It is understandable that people change with time, that people drift apart somehow but it is sad to know that I have been the only one opening up all this time thinking you're my friend while you store all your news to yourself. Suddenly, I'm not really sure whether if I really do have friends. Maybe, all this time I was just living in my own world.

I'm never really a sociable person. Most of the people I know tells me that the first impression they got from me is that I am a cool person. Not the positive you're-cool-hippy kind but the cold type. I agree because I find it hard to speak to strangers, even more difficult to speak openly. That is why I treasure my friends and I don't really mind if I do not have many of them, so long as they are good friends, it's good enough for me. Now, what some of my "friends" have done left me thinking, maybe I never really was your friend. I wonder what the heck I have been doing all this while. Do I really know you that well?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Caffeine Fix

I am so doomed!! I got my finals exam later in the morning and I am too agitated to go to sleep....all the information I read is running around in my head....(TT__TT) I want to sleep....

Friday, September 11, 2009


I am feeling extremely jumpy right now. Caffeine always gives me that I have too much energy packed into my body and I want to do everything all at the same time except for obvious reasons (I have two hands...) I cannot do all of it. Because I spend too much time agonising on what it is I want to do first, I ended up wasting my time deliberating and at the end of the day I achieved nothing. If only I have another extra pair of hands....or maybe not, I'm too vain although I wouldn't mind if I still look cute with it...XD

I'm feeling a tad bit melancholic today so I think I'll take a short walk down memory lane. It is the exam week for students at my school right now. (yeah, yeah..I'll study when I'm done with this...) I haven't plan anything for the semester break yet but I think I might be seeing my friend who just got back. Other than that there's nothing static. (Big Hint: Ask me out when you free??) Remember how we used to get so excited when we get holidays at the end of the school year? The two months holiday that lasted from November to December... I remember how I would badger mum to bring my brother and I somewhere because staying at home seems so boring. I guess, in a way I have grown up. I no longer rely on mom when the holidays is here. I make my own plans. Heck, even a short holiday where I just stay at home seems inviting these days.

When I graduated from the secondary school it seems like people are straying apart. It becomes hard to find time to get back together just to talk about the good old days and when you meet up, suddenly, you just realise how much everyone has changed and we no longer click. Somehow, we can no longer find a common ground. I wish I'm back in Neverland when we think being adults were cool and wishing time would go faster. Where the heck is Peter Pan?? (TT__TT)