Friday, September 25, 2009

Sweet Smell of Liberty

WTF moment.... words failed me... This just goes to show how important sex education is!!

Was going to talk about some other topics today but since I just finished my last paper I don't really want to talk about such a serious issue to mar my mood. Shelving it for some other time.

So I am now spring up my room before heading back to up my brain....taking it out and scraping off the information I memorised for exams...dum dee dee dah....Life sure is good when you don't have important facts forced to remember just for the purpose of exams...*\\(^O^)//*

Speaking of spring...this is the time when auroras appear. I have never actually seen a real one but it sure is my dream to see it for real instead of a picture taken from some other random dude. In case you have no idea what the heck I am talking about this is a photo of an aurora, the stage lightings of mother nature....

Not my photo...another courtesy of Google search (Google is indeed a wonderful tool for plagiarising!). But I digress...Can you see that?? How breath taking is that? It's not just limited to that palette of colour either...there's shades of blu, yellow, get the picture. Sure reminds you why Earth is such a great place to live in.

So to everyone who has finished their exams and is relishing the idyllic life, enjoy it to the utmost and make sure you don't waste a single moment of it. To the rest who are still going through the finals, good luck and work hard for it. And to someone else who should be busy marking exam sheets and struggling through the crappy handwritings of students like me...good luck with that too. Most probably you will need a truckload of luck....It's okay to curse the said student to the end of Hades but be lenient on the marking okay...*wink wink*


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