Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

It's Wednesday and so I thought I might do a fun-post-Wednesday just to beat the conundrum of "emo" posts that I have been blogging about lately. So, I am going to talk about places that I want to visit one day. This places are not countries, they are narrowed down to specific places in certain countries chose simply because it looks fun, interesting or even mind-boggling. It's not the cliched places like Disneyland or whatever although I do want to go there but these places are not that well known so yeah...enjoy!

Our first stop would be in Japan...the infamous Tree House Restaurant!

I must say it is extremely difficult to understand why anyone would want to put up such a monstrosity smack dab in Okinawa. The idea is creative and special, in fact the reason I wanted to go there was simply because of that tree house. I have never been up in a tree house. Which is weird and funny at the same time. I thought most foreigners think Malaysian live up on the tree but I've never been that high up on the tree and I definitely have not tried the experience of hanging out or even living on a tree yet. But it's not a real tree, mind you. Fits the term, don't you think? Concrete jungle...I'm not criticising or anything, in fact I applaud the architect's ingenious method in designing a restaurant. The food is said to be inexpensive too. Bonus plus, there.

Next is the Studio Ghibli Museum

I'm not even sure where to start! The cat bus from Totoro, the giant robot in Laputa, everything Ghibli I must say! I have always loved Studio Ghibli's work. The first show I watched was Totoro and after that I got hooked onto all it's studio productions. The musuem is the brain child of Hayao Miyazaki, the "godfather" of the studio. All of the designs in the museum are his creation! Think of it as the Japanese version of Disneyland, except there's no rides. It's just sketeches and stuff of his work in Ghibli.

Now let's get over to America and see what Uncle Sam has to offer. First , is a market in New York.

Sad to say, I don't remember what the market is called so I can't find the pictures. I remember seeing it on a cooking show in the television when I was a kid and I thought the market looks really cool. It has a wide glass pane on the outside so that people can look inside and it has almost everything sold in it. I love markets, but only the dry ones because I don't want to get my feet wet with fishy water and god knows what so the fact that the market is dry makes it all the more nice. I'm sure the guys won't understand. Maybe it's a girl's thing. It's just interesting to see what people sell in the market besides your normal veggies. Add the fact that it has a cool glass window pane that runs along the indoor market, it would be a crazy day! So if anyone know what this place is called, please let me know.

Then there's the Kansas City Public Library

Yes, I kid you not. This is a building that is designed to look like books stacked on a shelf. I think this might not be considered as not-so-popular place any longer because there has been pictures of this library floating around in the email. But I just want to add it here because I love books and oh, also because the design is just so creative.

All these places just shows that the world is indeed a bedlam of creativity and craziness. Really breaks the conundrum of dull, don't you think? That's four places already and I think I'll stop until here for today. Maybe I'll add some more next time. Need to get back to my revisions now. oh yeah, forgot to mention...the pictures do not belong to me. Googled them and copy-paste. Any infringement of copyrights are not intended.


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