Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Worse Case Scenario

I am feeling a wee bit lazy today. I have the last and final paper on Friday and then it will be freedom! However, I'm just too distracted to pay attention to the pile of notes sitting on the table right now. Sigh...Knowing and doing is a totally different thing. I know I need to get my engines moving and start revising properly instead of just glancing through to get "the feel of it" but I am so not doing it.

Wait, I remember! A lecturer once told me if we are not in the right mood for something we need to visualise a worse case scenario so that we will freak out and do the proper thing. (obviously, that is not really what he said, but you get the picture...)

Okay...worse case scenario if I don't start revising....most probably I'll fail the paper, which will pull down my CGPA, which will coincidentally give me a higher chance of failing, which means I might need to repeat the semester...And if I failed again, I'll drop out from school with no proper degree...Then I won't be able to get a good paying job. Mom will most probably kill me for wasting her money and time. Since I won't be getting a job I might just sit there at home and stare into space...

Hey....that doesn't sound so bad. Being able to idle away...Crap....the worse case scenario thing so obviously do not work. So much for prep talk. (-__-") How about if we do a marvellous case scenario instead? So...I study, I get good grades, high CGPA, pass with flying colours, graduate, work, die...see...that doesn't sound so bad. In fact, I think marvellous case scenario works better, Ha! Take that! I'm gonna patent this theory thingy then I'm going to be rich! *evil laughter ensues*

Kay, off to get my engines nicely warm and moving~ *prances about dancing wildly*


CherylHew said...

*carts you off to Hospital Bahagia* LOL

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