Friday, September 11, 2009


I am feeling extremely jumpy right now. Caffeine always gives me that I have too much energy packed into my body and I want to do everything all at the same time except for obvious reasons (I have two hands...) I cannot do all of it. Because I spend too much time agonising on what it is I want to do first, I ended up wasting my time deliberating and at the end of the day I achieved nothing. If only I have another extra pair of hands....or maybe not, I'm too vain although I wouldn't mind if I still look cute with it...XD

I'm feeling a tad bit melancholic today so I think I'll take a short walk down memory lane. It is the exam week for students at my school right now. (yeah, yeah..I'll study when I'm done with this...) I haven't plan anything for the semester break yet but I think I might be seeing my friend who just got back. Other than that there's nothing static. (Big Hint: Ask me out when you free??) Remember how we used to get so excited when we get holidays at the end of the school year? The two months holiday that lasted from November to December... I remember how I would badger mum to bring my brother and I somewhere because staying at home seems so boring. I guess, in a way I have grown up. I no longer rely on mom when the holidays is here. I make my own plans. Heck, even a short holiday where I just stay at home seems inviting these days.

When I graduated from the secondary school it seems like people are straying apart. It becomes hard to find time to get back together just to talk about the good old days and when you meet up, suddenly, you just realise how much everyone has changed and we no longer click. Somehow, we can no longer find a common ground. I wish I'm back in Neverland when we think being adults were cool and wishing time would go faster. Where the heck is Peter Pan?? (TT__TT)


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