Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Changes are Inevitable

A quick note: The blog's template has change due to problems on coding. I did not notice the comments written are not visible if it is too long before this until a few days ago. I was quite reluctant to do any changing because I was attached to it but hopefully, the same problem will not occur since I had to change the old template to a different one. Anyways...

Not many people know this because I seldom talk about my blog or how and what I write in it. It does not seem like a good "parlor" topic, if you get what I mean. I have a habit of drafting my posts on the Microsoft Word before uploading anything final on the blog because I love the fact that Microsoft Word has the auto correct function in it. It saves me a lot of energy, in a way, because I do not have to bother about the capital letters or grammar issue. However, the most annoying part about it is that blogger somehow cannot upload my post if I copy and paste the passage straight out from Microsoft Word. This means I have to retype the whole post all over again if I want to upload any post. Which in the end is just a waste of time and energy. I know. I am weird that way. By this time, people will be wondering why I am even bothered about the grammar and fonts in the first place. I guess I am too much of a perfectionist. I am also extremely particular about this issue, not that anyone notice it anyway. So I am now trying to pull myself out of this habit and type my post straight on to Blogger instead. I am just too lazy to continue on typing the same thing twice or even sometimes more than that.

I have a lot of things I wanted to blog about but sadly, I have forgotten about all of it . I always do my thinking when I am on my way to school or when I had too much dose of caffeine. Things just seem to run around in my mind more when I am sitting in the bus or just walking. It keeps me occupied when I do not have a book to read, you see. However, all this "ah-ha" moments come at the "wrongest" possible time because that is the time when I do not have my computer in front of me so I end up forgetting whatever it is I wanted to blog about. In the mean time, I will try to focus and pick up the bits and pieces of my thoughts and if the "ah-ha" moments returns I will try to blog about it...


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