Monday, November 23, 2009

Today in History

It's been raining for a few days now. Wet. Cold. It feels nice in the morning waking up to see mountains covered in a blanket of clouds looking so clean and pure but it is also a pain in my freezing rear end. can never satisfy them.

Give me energy. Give me time. Give me strength to pull this through~

I can feel my lazy bones tingling because I really wish I could skip out and enjoy the day instead. I want to go out for a nice long walk without bothering about assignments, exams or studies! I want to be able to sit under the sun and enjoy the warm rays again. Heck, I wouldn't even mind sitting under the rain for a change right now! I want to be fully awake to be able to enjoy a short reprieve before battling out with dragons and monsters again. The mind wrecking, crazy, obsessive side of me would not even allow myself to take a breather and I feel like screaming at myself. Stop caring so much! It's not the end of the world yet! tired.

Today's history....a challenge I finally overcome! The miracle! The wonders! I finally stumbled through the silly sketch. The embarrassment. The adrenaline. I forgot my lines just when it's my turn to start the act. (Oops...sorry for letting you down, guys!) You can only imagine how nervous the first few few moments was. I had to sit there and stare as the audience patiently waited for me to start speaking. It helped that Wee Leng and Puey Ru was feeding me the lines at the side and Stippie was encouraging me through it. Gaaah...when I thought of all the crazy moments over there, it just make me wish I could go back and try again. I'm so sure I could do it better now.  Either way, I finally pull through and sexually harassed someone...Ish... I sound like a sex maniac here. 

We tried practicing yesterday and everyone had to coerce me to do it. They were extremely patient because I wasted so much  time trying to wriggle myself out of doing it. was all for an act...Hopefully there won't be any crazy sketch involving me sexually harassing anyone after this... I am so glad not everyone saw this embarassing part of me. To those that did...careful in your sleep tonight...I am not going to forget this anytime soon...(>__<)


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