Thursday, November 19, 2009

Randomness on a Thursday Evening

Only in Yao Jia's world can curry flavoured instant noodles change to onion chicken flavour... (=__=;)

In life, human plays many roles. As a companion, a friend, a family; everybody has a different mask for different occasions. You put on your 'happy' mask when you do not want people prying into your sad life. You put on the 'pity' mask when you hope for some understanding. But when you take off all these masks, what are you left with?

I am a sister, a daughter, a friend. I have different masks and I am not afraid to admit that some may be ugly than the others. The happy mask may not be sincere. The ecstatic mask may not be telling the truth. When all is over, who should I answer to? When all the grime is washed off, what is there to be seen on the husk? 

There is a cold war going on. In order to retain the superficial outlook of peace, we continue with our farce. The facade of layers and layers of masks is put on early in the morning the moment we open our eyes. This is a semblance of humanity. I wear the masks as a shield. To remove them would make me vulnerable. To leave them off would open my eyes to what the world really is. Let the mask continue shadowing my face, I say. An illusion of happiness is better than a reality of doom.


CherylHew said...

... *carts you off to attend the Psychology bachelor degree* XD

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