Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yao Jia in Lalaland

I saw a rabbit today. It was walking on its hind feet saying, "I'm late, I'm late...need to hurry up, I'm late, I'm late". Curious, I got up from under the tree and followed the rabbit. I was so excited to see an anthropomorphic rabbit running around talking. It made me realise that anything is possible, that nothing borders on the lines of craziness. In less time than I knew, I was falling into a hole. I kept falling and falling and it never seemed to end....

There are times when you open your eyes one morning and you just simply know that today is going to be a great day. It's just a feeling, one better than drugs because the endorphins in your body is working overtime somehow generating that uppity feeling you know there's no reason you should be feeling. It is unexplainable how wonderful it feels to be invincible. To think that anything is possible and everything will go very well that day.

This feeling that you have are expectations. Expectations on how you think the day should be. Endorphins can be cruel sometimes. It is suppose to make you happy but somehow it ended up ruining your day bringing you back down to the harsh facts of reality. In the world of reality everyone has a motive for being kind, anything is possible as long as it adheres to the rules of common sense and most importantly everything comes with a price. The reality is indeed a bed of roses (not to be confused with the idiom). Roses that are pretty to look at but one with prickly thorns and it is important for everyone to keep that in mind.

Yes, the thorns hurt when you pricked yourself but that does not mean you need to stay away from it. That does not mean you need to view it from afar. Handle it with care and you will realise the beauty in it. How fragrant it smells and how the silky texture of its petals is soothing to your skin. So the next time you wake up feeling cheerful embrace the fact that your endorphins are working. Rejoice in the moment because you are able to feel happy. If someone tells me that life is not fair, I say with one person that is being unfair there are nine more out there doing their part in making this world a beautiful one to be in. Forget the ugly side of nature! I'd rather have my life filled with endorphins induced moments and be happy anytime of the day!


CherylHew said...

..I see a potential Hospital Bahagia resident here XD

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