Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Young Plants

Teeheehee...I'm going to let you in on a secret. Promise you won't laugh okay??

That's me in the picture (I'm on the top left with the mushroom head and glasses...). This was taken when I was in Standard 5. I remember the petty fights we used to have about the smallest, craziest things. I remember Mak Cik Ros, the fierce and scary looking canteen lady. I remember staying back at school together with everyone to cram for our UPSRs. I remember the white, tiny swings by the fence that we always rush over to when we reached the school...

Looking back now, it feels like all these happened a hundred years ago. Those were the carefree days. The days when we truly had no worries. We fought but we forget about them the next day. We cried but always comforted each other.This picture showed me the time when we were uncorrupted, when we were innocent (see! I was once innocent too...) and full of hopes towards the future.

It's amazing to see the powers of technology. I've lost contact with most of my primary school mates but because of this one photo that we shared was put up on Facebook, we found each other again. But now that we do have the means to communicate with each other, we realised that it may have been too late. There's not much to talk about except the past and what has happened to us. But it may be a start. The plants may have grown but that does not mean it has stop growing. Friends are our companions for life after all. So let's not allow the young plants to wilt away on its own!


L*vin Lee WS said...

School days... where the only things we need to do is have fun...

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