Monday, January 25, 2010

What If....

....all that you know is actually just a figment of someone's imagination? I mean really, what if all the facts about history that you read is actually just a lie? Something someone wrote and the people of today assume to be true. 

Histories are in essence, stuff that has happen in the past and written today by professionals but seriously, there's no 400 year old people walking around so who's to know whether or not what is written in the history books today are true? For all we know, dinosaurs may not even exist. It could be some Neanderthal's school artwork left behind and millions of years later we dig it up and assume it's animals crawling around Earth a long, long time ago...If you hadn't read about dinosaurs in books, seen them on tv, accept them as a known fact, would you still believe this creatures once exist? There's no valid explanation right now how they ended up extinct so maybe my theory is correct. Dinosaurs are some random kid's homework forced onto them by Neanderthal teacher all across the globe millions of years ago.

Doesn't it seemed a bit facetious for us to only believe in things when it is backed by evidence? We think dinosaurs exist because archaeologists dug up a pile of bones and arrange them into this big, scary creature. If that were the case, does it mean we will believe in anything as long as there is massive, realistic looking prove lying around to back it up? 

Well then, I'll make my own history. I'll write stories about people of today who walk on their hands instead of their feet and about superheroes that fly around wearing a silly cape. Then I'll print out millions of copies of these stories and plant them underneath the ground all over the world. Millions of years later, the future generation will dig up the soil and find my stories. Then they will think the humans in the 21st century are weird creatures that can fly and walk using their hands. Of course, if I want to do that I need to first destroy all evidence of our existence and that would be a lot of work, won't it? Anyone care to join me on this crazy project??


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