Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Cat That Got The Cream

Study week has officially begun and the race is on. In this race, each contestant is given one week worth of time to get prepared. On the day of, they will go through cycles of torturous questions that will fry their brains over and over again like fried carrot cake (chai tow kuey) The gauntlet has been tossed. Are you up for the challenge? (hmm...the picture sure looks decent...delicious, even)

Truth be told, I don't think I am ready but sorry to be so smug about this. I just can't help grinning every time I think about the finals. This will be the last time I'm sitting for the finals under the science stream. After this I will no longer be facing the music of physics and maths. So, to anyone who got offended these past few eeks because I'm off the hook I'm sorry. But, geez...give me a break here, ok? I'll be gone soon enough and you won't have to face my hide any longer. That's a comforting thought now, isn't it? On a related note, people are surprised I actually decide to take the finals after dawdling on the decision for so long. I must say, I'm a bit surprised myself. However, the reality is I did pay 5k worth of fees and it would be an awful waste to not take it. So here we are...a full circle. To all the others who are taking this battle and really fighting for it, I wish you all the luck and work hard for it, will you? I'm not proud to be the one pulling back so I don't wish to see my comrades doing the same. Anyways. I'm having difficulties concentrating on my revisions now (notice that I'm blogging instead of spending precious time reading -___-"). Sat down in front of the laptop with my papers ready and halfway through, I found myself killing zombies instead. Sheesh...i'm such a procrastinator. Looks like having lived on earth for two decades have not changed my perception on what is more important. At all. It's an effort anyway. (At this point, you're supposed to agree with me even if you don't!!)

Well, enough procrastinating now. Off to study again...(or most probably staring at the paper for endless hours...)


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