Monday, July 19, 2010

Pointless, pointless thing

Lookie!! A new post!! I kid you not...La dee da~
     Anyways, I just realised I have been neglecting my poor blog for one whole month when I switched on Mozilla for a change...Oops...I've probably lost my readers if there were any to even begin with...
     In case you are curious (really??!!), I have officially crossed over to the dark side and switched to Google Chrome for a change. As a result, I have been religiously ignoring my blog even though it's niggling at the back of my head. Lack of inspiration, no time, lazy to type, assignments...take your pick. So why blog again? Because I've finished my individual assignment and I have nothing better to do.
     Things have been really crazy around the uni lately. People complaining left, right and centre. There's the thing about SRC elections, then there's the car park issue, then it's some exam issue and don't-know-don't-care issue. Feels like there's a season for everything here in Kampar. It's my second year now but seriously, I feel like my head is just as empty as the first year. I have forgotten most of my phonetics stuff. Ditto my History of English Language. Oh well, out with the old in with the new right??
     To be honest, I have kind of forgotten how to write properly. So the first post after such a long break might look really wobbly because my articulation seems to have taken a leave to go rust and rot on the sidewalk. I only found it curled up near the rubbish bin this afternoon so yeah, give it some time and it will be all spanking new again... 
     That's about it, I guess. Since SRC is over I don't really think my take on the issue will be that timely. Nor would my views on the parking issue be all that welcoming...I think I'll just laze around until I find something to blog about. Until then, cheers! 

PS. Urgh..the internet connection is killing me...It keeps dying on me. I'll be lucky if this ended up online. Sigh~


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