Friday, May 7, 2010

Of Dreams and Reality

     I woke up with a smile this morning. I had an extremely vivid dream last night and it was so amazing I didn't want to wake up. As I sit here trying to recall my dream, it feels like holding water with my hands because the memories are slowly leaving me. 
     I dreamt of having a party at a guard house in a shopping complex (I weird), I dreamt of colourful, Japanese looking decorations strewn across the walls, I dreamt of running up and down the steeping escalators with a bunch of faceless people as I giggled away but most important of all, I dreamt I went to the seaside. As I was dreaming of the seaside it felt so real I could practically feel the sand between my toes and rubbing against my heels as I run down along the waves holding my high heels. It was so real it's almost like I dreamt on HDTV with "sensor-feel" thrown in. 
     Funnily enough, the dream was so realistic there were knick knacks around the beach hidden underneath rocks left behind by previous patrons. It's not your typical plastic bags and polystyrene boxes that you will find at the seaside though. It's tiny porcelain houses, weird looking painted rocks and something else that I can't remember anymore.
     Sigh. I want to go to the beach. I want to feel real, soft, brown sand between my toes. I want to hear the waves as they rush back and forth hitting the sand and leaving behind tendrils of marks on them. I want to hear the breeze blowing in my ears and see the trees dancing like graceful dancers across a stage that follows a silent rhythm that no one knows. I want to look at the blue ocean melding into the sky where you can't point out where the horizon is and when you put your toes into the clear, blue water you can see your feet immersed in them. 

Bring me to the beach,
Where the sea is blue,
and the skies are too,
The waves so strong,
It can't be wrong,
To have you here,
with me so near,
To feel the sand,
It won't put a dent,
My heart, it's beating,
It's true, I'm not kidding,
Bring me to the beach,
Please, won't you, please?


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