Monday, March 1, 2010

This Chap Go to May...

Quick note: For anyone who's interested in arts check out this site: Drawing for geeks! It's a collection of drawings done by random people. Pictures are out every Friday and the drawings are based on themes given beforehand. Some are really adorable looking, while others are cool. Nuff' said, go see if you're interested.

The Chinese New Year has finally come to an end (anyone tried the Yao Jia's How Tos?). Yesterday's Chap Goh Mei (did I spell that correctly?) passed by without my notice until I cycled by the lake in the afternoon. Hihihi...It seems like there's many single people looking for love in Kampar. I saw a few mandarin oranges floating in the to the single ladies and gentlemen out there, go to Westlake next time on Chap Goh Mei. Who knows...maybe you'll meet your love one there. 

I have been busy with assignments these few days but hopefully it will all come to an end by next week. Not much to talk about since I can't find any blog fodder. If there is something random, I'll keep everyone updated. Till then, toodles~

PS. How's your post CNY weight? Guess it's off to the gym for some people, eh?


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