Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Theatrics of a Scholar

It feels almost like it has been ages since I last blog. I see many things happening everyday and I really want to blog about it but I just can't find time to do so. I have tons of things I want to talk about; my take on the Malaysian literature, what I have learned after weeks in this new course, how I feel about being back at square one, but all this will just be put aside and I'll talk about it when I do have the time or inclination to talk about it. I just do not have enough time right now. Will talk about how I can't seem to get enough time next time too...(^__^)'s topic: Theatrics of a Scholar is something that I put close to heart because it seems to be a forever happening occurrence (or should I say pandemic?) that just can't be cured.

First thing that most "scholars" go through when they go for the tertiary education is no doubt the gargantuan deluge of assignments and whatnot. But what irks me is not the assignments because that is something to be expected, something that you should know will happen because that is how the school will see how you are doing academically. It is also a way to help you get through the year because assignments contribute a large amount of marks to your coursework percentage. This is something you learn from the first week and I think it can be safe to say that most people entered the tertiary education with the hopes of passing it and getting an acknowledged degree. But there seems to be a number of people who think they are entitled to it when they did nothing to have earned it in the first place. Who are you?? Why in the world must I do your dirty work and allow you to get all the credits for it? I have gone through a lot of free riders ever since I started my foundations but it's starting to get on my nerves, I'm sorry if you are now receiving the end of my brunt but enough is enough. Get your own work done and stop expecting everything to be served to you on a golden platter. Here's the reality. It might be surprising to you but hey, nothing is free in this world. I have a threshold for patience. As much as I try to understand your predicament, I cannot take up everything and get it done for you because that's not how the world goes.

I have always mentioned that I have a low tolerance for stupidity. I acknowledge the fact that I'm blunt on the intelligence side and because of that I do not expect people who are no doubt smarter than I am to ask me stupid questions when the stupid me can understand it. There is a cure to stupidity and that is to learn from your mistake, knowledge in plain English...but there do not seem to be a cure for laziness...I suddenly find myself hating the person I am because if I were to be someone else I wouldn't want to be me. I keep quiet when something irritates me, when someone is annoying me to no end. This will never happen if I were younger but because of decency, for the sake of keeping peace, I keep quiet and ends up going through a heartburn because of people who just won't pay attention and keep in mind what it is that they need to remember. If it's so not important for you to remember then don't bother asking anymore because you do not seem to give a damn.

There just seems to be many things wrong with the people I see or is it because I'm just too hot headed to let something like that to bother me? *sigh* Scholars by name yet actors by nature. There is nothing that I can do except to accept it as a way of life. There is nothing I can do except to accept it in a resigned way because I cannot be going around checking every moment, babysitting everyone to make sure they are doing their jobs because you have grown up for god's sake! I don't think you will like it very much if I nag you like your mother because that is not me. If you do not want to give it your all, that will be exactly the kind of marks you will get. A half-assed result because you could not be too bothered about your own future. I am just too exhausted to talk about this anymore. If you want to continue on with your ways then let it be. No amount of pushing or reasoning can get to a person when they have closed up their ears.


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