Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TD 5: A Step into Yesterday and Back

A few weeks ago I kept lamenting about how much I wish time could go faster. I was in the midst of stressful preparations of finals and frustratingly incomprehensible jargon then. I felt like it would be a definite welcome if I had completely skipped the stressful moment and jumped straight to June. I wasn't giving goodbyes much thought then.

There's a chinese phrase that says something like time move faster when you blink more. Obviously, they don't really mean it in a literal way but, I think I've "overblinked" myself. Without my realising it, time did passed by and they're sitting for the final paper in the finals as I'm writing this. My things are packed and soon enough I will be moving away. Someone asked me whether if I was going to miss my friends once I've moved back to Perak. I told him no.

I'm sitting in the reading room right now reminiscing about days long gone by while everyone else is sitting in the exam halls strenuously toiling out their best effort. I'm rewinding that tape of memory that has been my silent companion throughout my life, remembering the earlier days when things were simpler. When everything seems possible because we were too naive to understand difficulties. How long ago it seems now and yet I can still recall it just like it happened yesterday. This will be my last time to be able to sit in here engulfed in the silent atmosphere, comforted by the fact that at least I have the now, the present moments to find consolations in goodbyes. It's hard to acknowledge goodbyes because I never really did know how to do it properly. But just like everything else, there's always an expiry date. Gardenia bread last for four days but the friendship that we had might have to end today. This two years in KL has taught me a lot. I've met new friends. Gain new experiences. I won't forget how much I laughed when the hearse passed by in Genting or the embarrassing moment of hanging out with a bunch of guys comparing the size of their package in the cafeteria. To all my friends in TD 5, I will never forget you. It was fun hanging out with all of you. Thank you for putting up with my stupidity. To my friends who I only began to know this year, I have only regrets for not having more time to know you. So, I guess this is it then. Sorrowful goodbyes and all...


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